Kelly is a full-time writer, editor, actor and marketer with a passion for magazines, theater, anything British, travel, pizza, makeup, margaritas, and much much more. She studied both theater and journalism in college, and is proud to say she practices both today.

She started her professional career in 2007 as the assistant editor for a publishing company in Westchester County, New York. She moved up the ranks to eventually become the editor-in-chief, producing magazines about high-end interior design for hospitality environments, as well as international business publications about the textile trade. Notable articles during her time in this role include her cover story about Jason Pomeranc and the brothers of the Thompson Hotel Group, and Adam Tihany‘s design for the Mandarin Oriental in the City Center complex in Las Vegas. Kelly also helped the company launch its namesake trade show, Boutique Design New York, and worked on several company-organized events in areas as far-reaching as Dubai.

After three years in her role at the publishing company, Kelly joined the marketing team at global conference company, Worldwide Business Research, to head up a new content marketing department. In those years, she developed a content strategy across a series of international events spanning industries as varied as ecommerce, finance and pharmaceuticals. After serving as the US Head of Digital Content and overseeing the successful launch of three blogs, she left to join the team at KBS/Kwittken, as the Director of Content Marketing. Kwittken, an MDC Partner is a global communications firm diving headfirst into the content realm and Kelly excitedly lead the charge, directing major content campaigns for brands like P&G, Pantone and Zicam.

After two years at Kwittken, Kelly left to join the Digital Media department at Hearst. In her role as Director of Content Marketing for Hearst Digital Media, Kelly oversees more exciting branded content campaigns across all of the historic media company’s prestigious magazine brands.

In addition to her full-time work, Kelly enjoys an active freelance career – she has written for publications like Elle Decor, Town & CountrySelf and BeautyNewsNYC for more than seven years and also contributes to several design industry magazines such as Interior Design, Hospitality Design, Metropolis and more.

Kelly also spends a good amount of her free time acting and directing, as a member of the New York Chapter of the 68 Cent Crew Theater Company, founded in Los Angeles in 2001 by Artistic Director, Ronnie Marmo. If and when there’s a free moment beyond all that, Kelly likes practicing the art of cosmetology – as a trained makeup artist she sometimes works weddings and events, and worked freelance for a time for MAC Cosmetics.

Kelly loves travel and home design and has a particular interest in finding the best deals for unique pieces that make her home with her husband feel all the more special. She is excited to have completed a gut renovation and redesign of their apartment in Hudson Heights, a quiet, beautiful corner of Washington Heights, Manhattan, that they are both glad remains (somewhat) undiscovered.