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Finding a Sound of Music tour in Salzburg is about as difficult as locating a hot dog stand in New York City—they are, quite literally, everywhere. And while many of said tours bring out-of-towners to the same famed spots, there’s one in particular—FräuleinMaria’s Bicycle Tour—that delivers all the best parts of the experience, minus the worst: constantly hopping on and off an overcrowded bus.

Your guide will suit you up with a pretty sweet cruiser that even your grandmother could ride, and provide ponchos if a light sprinkle rolls through. Your favorite songs can—and will—be sung with the group as you cycle from one film scene to the next as part of a surprisingly authentic, not-at-all cheesy tourist attraction.

For the ultimate in voyeuristic and nostalgic travel, here we give you all the must-see sites to visit and behind-the-scenes scoops you’ll learn as you journey through the film in order of the soundtrack, naturally.
“My heart wants to sing every song it hears”

Track 1: The Sound of Music
Sound of music

We all know the scene: snowcapped mountains, picturesque rolling green hills, flower-dotted meadows, and a whirling Julie Andrews, about to launch into the song that will take on the world. Arguably one of the most famous openers in movie history, The Sound of Music is sung by Andrews at the top of the Untersberg, a 6,473-foot peak only nine miles from the city center.

And there’s the rub.

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